Hanshi Vikas Sharma


HANSHI VIKAS SHARMA , the man behind the present position of ISKKF is a 8th Dan Black Belt in Shito Ryu International , 7th Dan Black Belt National Federation & 7th Dan Black Belt World Karate Federation. He is now the President & Chief Instructor of International Shito Kai Karate Federation and the National Accreditation Coach – National Federation. He is a Judge for Kata and Kumite. HANSHI VIKAS SHARMA started his karate career in year 1988. With lot of experiences and proper training in class management he started his teaching career in 1994.


He has taken training in two forms of karate. Among which SHITO RYU & SHOTOKAN are the main. Hanshi Vikas Sharma established District Una Karate Association in 1996. He also founded ‘SHITO KAI KARATE-DO FEDERATION INDIA in 2012 during his long teaching career. Later many International Instructors started joining the federation and hence was renamed as INTERNATIONAL SHITO KAI KARATE FEDERATION. He has introduced various techniques and thoughts to develop strength and power and also showed the way to maintain speed and activeness for every age. Hanshi Vikas Sharma gives good teaching to his students. He trains his students for National & International level Championships and they always bring medals with them.

Many of his students have been selected in Army, Police,CRPF and ITBP. He has trained more then 35000 boys and girls. He is always active in doing publicity of karate by INTERNATIONAL SHITO KAI KARATE FEDERATION with his dedication, stability and interest. The Certificates issued to Hanshi Vikas Sharma are approved on National and International Level. He has also won a gold medal in (Thailand, Nepal & Malaysia) International level as Participant. Hanshi Vikas Sharma has organized various Championships at District, State and National Level. Hanshi Vikas Sharma is delivering his teachings in various schools of many districts and state. Many boys & Girls are coming forward to show their participation in this field…………