Shito Kai


SHITO MEANING : Master Kenwa Mabuni was asked by the Japanese government to formalize his style, He chose the name SHITO. He formed this name by taking the first character from the names of each of his two primary teachers. Sensei ANKOH ITOSU ( SHI ) and SENSEI KANRYO HIGAONNA ( TO ). In this way mabuni chose the name of his style to honor and respect his great teachers.


KAI MEANING : Organization or Club.



INTERNATIONAL SHITO KAI KARATE FEDERATION is a SHITO RYU style Federation. It is a non-political and non-profitable federation.
The Shito Kai Karate Do Federation was established in India in 2012 by Hanshi Vikas Sharma . He has introduced various techniques and thoughts to develop strength & power And also showed the way to maintain speed and activeness for every age. Later many International Instructors started joining the federation and hence was renamed as INTERNATIONAL SHITO KAI KARATE FEDERATION.
Hanshi Vikas Sharma started his karate career in 1989, as he was deeply inspired by Japanese karate Master Kenwa Mabuni. Karate is believed to have developed roughly 500 years ago in Okinawa, when the dynastic ruler king Shoha issued an edict banning the possession of weapons on the Island. 

Similar law forbidding the possession of weapons was re-issued & enforced by The Satsuma clan, who had invaded Okinawa in the early 1600’s and brought it under the rules of Japanese shogunate. In this environment, karate was developed as a form of Unarmed combat for protecting oneself and one’s country, and it was taught and practiced in secret.

Vikas Sharma, during his karate training was inspired by Hanshi Erik Nilsson & Yasuyoshi Saito, Hanshi Bharat Sharma. The word karate is itself the combination of two Japanese words ‘Kara’ means ’empty’ and ‘Te’ means ‘hands’. ISKF gives training for Shito Ryu karate style..
        ISKF is now recognized as one of the well maintained federation. Many Instructors are joining this federation and karate players also seek their good career with us.


International Shito Kai Karate  Badge is founded by Hanshi Vikas Sharma to give International Shito Kai Karate Federation an identity. This is designed by keeping various concepts in mind and each part represents a unique meaning. The blue colour used here symbolizes trust , wisdom , confidence, expertise & stability. The yellow colour shows positivity , energy & otimism. The red part here is the badge belongs to Kenwa Mabuni’s Family. The two inner vertical lines and two horizontal lines represent the japanese caligraphy for the word ‘Person’ or ‘People’ who are related together and cooperated in order to keep the Peace in the world.The player on right side represents techniques and fearless art of fighting without use of any weapon. as word ‘Karate’ is made by combination of two words ‘Kara’ means ‘Empty’ & ‘Te’ means ‘Hands’ and player on the left side represents art of defense as karate is not only about fighting, it also teaches techniques of self defense.